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Unique and promising
Simple principle – great effect

First of all you should make sure that there are no organic causes for the dizzy feeling or disturbances of equilibrium that occur. If this is the case, our optokinetic training method offers you the perfect entry into a life free from fear.

The method is very simple and is based on short texts, so-called “quiver texts” which constantly change their position. To read these properly takes a high degree of concentration. In the process your eyes learn to concentrate on a reference point again and in doing so they pass on this reflex to the muscles of your body. The result of this constantly repeating process is that over time you can significantly improve your ability to balance.

You choose your training mode
The training programme consist of three different levels. Depending on the degree of difficulty, the texts change their position at different speeds. In order to be sure that your eyes are following the quiver text, you should read it aloud. A change to the next level is recommended only when a text is easy to read without mistakes. The progress of the training is thus entirely at your discretion.

Take your time, and practice every day for a period of at least three weeks. After all, the training is like the active physical training of an artiste, and he didn’t become an acrobat overnight either.

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