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Test your progress at home

  1. In a standing position, balance from one leg to the other – in the initial stages you should hold on to an object (chair, table, wall or door) with one hand.
  2. Stand on one leg and trace simple movements in the air with the other, such as circles, V shapes or lines. Advanced practitioners can do this exercise with the eyes closed.
  3. With the eyes closed, juggle a light object in the hands. Advanced practitioners can increase the weight of the object.
  4. Stand up straight with legs apart, stretch the arms upwards, clasp the hands above the head. Repeat several times.
  5. Pass a dumb bell from one hand to the other with the eyes closed.
  6. In a standing position, bend forwards and pick up an object such as a book. This exercise can be repeated several times depending on the physical condition.
  7. In a standing position, pass a small ball, e.g. a tennis ball, from one hand to the other, first at eye level and then at knee level.

Note: The use of the exercises described here is intended only for those taking part in the training who feel fit and safe, and is at the practitioner’s own risk.